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Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 2

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Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
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Halloween PROP TIMERSFrom Halloween2go.com

From Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Running Time 1 hour and 42 minutes

NEW TIMERS for 2009! From our newly designed event triggers, next we will move onto NEW TIMER CIRCUITS . This is where it really get's interesting and a little bit more complicated. But even though it get's a bit more complicated, don't worry. I explain it all to you step by step. And going over the schematics in great detail so you will know exactly what's going on.These timer circuits are new, modified and really help you keep those people moving! So If you want TIMERS that include an adjustable disable delay, Here you go!

We go over several timer circuits for your Halloween Animatronics and each one is applicable to Halloween Pneumatics or controlling DC motors so so you can pick and choose which ones that suit your needs this Halloween!

Of course we start small and build on our knowledge. You wont get left behind. The explanations, graphics and tutorials are second to none!
We discuss the problems that can happen with triggers and timers such as Visitors just standing on a trigger an not moving on (weather the know it or not, causing the prop to retrigger and keep going and going and going)
Or worse yet, someone tries to 'figure out' what is triggering the prop and tries to trigger it at will. An unwanted distraction for sure.
So I've designed some new circuits which include a 'DISABLE DELAY'. This is so cool and it works so well, I have converted all my trigger circuits to this design.
The whole reason I designed these new timer circuits was to eliminate the possibility of the trigger becoming re-triggered before I wanted it to. I also wanted the PROP and SOUND to be triggered simultaneously the Trigger to have a disable delay.
So we go over several timer circuits, each one building upon the previous, and each one adding more function to your Halloween Animatronics setup!
We also continue to discuss Halloween Pneumatics and how to set up the valves, the mechanisms and what you need to get some real action from your props. Also you will notice, I did not 'dress out' any of the props. You get to see all the mechanics, the valves, the design and more! Nothing is hidden!

Ultimately we end up with a TRIGGERED prop that POPS Up, Talks, (the mouth moves) and then returns to it's hiding place!

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Well, this section is huge, I wasn't able to get hardly any of it in here on this web page! These circuits are the 'bomb' and allow you to do things you never might have thought possible before. So Get The Video! Your Halloween Setup will take that next step!

Let's move on now and get a better look at the NEW disable delay--->

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