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Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 2

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Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
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From Let's take a look at Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Running Time 1 hour and 42 minutes

SILICON SKINNING And if thatís not enough for you, we will go over how to use 2 part silicon and adding silicon skins to your animatronics for realism and overall effect. This stuff is the BEST. And if you want your Halloween Animatronics to STAND OUT from the crowd, There's no substitute for using SILICON SKIN on your Halloween Props. And with the POWER of Pneumatics, you can easily handle moving them around!

Ah yes, Silicon Skinning for Halloween Animatronics. In this extended section we go over making the basic face and connected top torso, Silicon Arm skins for the pneumatic prop as well as a couple ways to make the form behind the silicon.

You may decide to make your own face for your prop. One way to do it is to use non-hardening clay over a styrofoam head. Take your time shaping and molding it. The silicon will pick up all the details!
You will need alginate, 2 part silicon and silicon tint and plaster bandages to do this so I tell you where you can easily order these in the downloadable files and In the video, I show you exactly how to mix up everything. You see it a couple times on different forms so you really know what you are doing even before you start!
After making the alginate mold, it needs some strength so we add plaster bandages to the mold so we can use it to duplicate the skin.
Once the plaster sets up and we peel away the clay face and skeleton form, we are ready to mix up the 2 part silicon and go to town.
The 2 part silicon basically is kind of clear, so we need to tint it to the color we need depending upon the prop.
Ok, the alginate is pink. The mixed silicon is a grey-blue. Once the 2 part silicon sets up (about 30 min to full setup) we can peel the skin away and take a look at our new prop skin!
See, told you it was grey! Yep this guy is supposed to be dead so I tinted the silicon a grey-blue color. Looks perfect. Now all we have to do is some silicon painting and add this to our prop frame..
Once we start mounting the silicon to the pneumatic framework things really start shaping up... SMILE! our Dead guy is just about ready!
But Wait! Before we move on and finish the pneumatic prop, I have gotta show you how to paint your silcon skins. I show you how to use a basic airbrush setup as well as using regular brushes so You DEFINATELY get your money's worth!
And next, I show you how to use a 2 part plastic compound to make a lightweight plastic shell that's perfect for mounting your Halloween Animatronics and adding further realism to your prop..
Finally, we have to make those arms to cover the pneumatic cylinders. So I show you exactly how to make them. By this time, however, you know what to do when you get your own silicon so it pretty easy!
Finally the 2-arms prop is complete and we take a look at how it runs!
Then after a quick reprogram, the prop action is the way we want it! Fast! Powerful! Scary and the AUDIO SCREAM is AWESOME!
So what are you waiting for?? Click here to see it in action!

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