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Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 2

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Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Pneumatics and Control Systems




Halloween RELAYS From Halloween2go.com

From Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Running Time 1 hour and 42 minutes

RELAYS- If you plan on using pneumatics in your Halloween Animatronics or if you plan on using DC motors to move things, You GOTTA use Relays! So of course we cover it fully. I''m going to show you what you need to know to activate the pneumatic valves that are going to move our props. This section will quickly demistify the subject and soon you will be using relays to assist controlling many devices.

SINGLE PULL - DOUBLE Throw This one is called a single pull, double throw. That just means that single pull (only one L-shaped lever moves the contactors) and 'double throw' means that there are actually TWO separate sets of contactors. It's like having TWO relays in one! You can actually switch on and off two separate circuits. Like a Light and a DC motor or AUDIO and a pneumatic valve! I'm sure that once you understand Relays, you will think up many ideas of what you can control with them. I am going to be using these relays to a great extent on this video. Specifically to switch on and off an AUDIO signal and a pneumatic valve to provide instant MOTION and SOUND.

A few relay facts: Relays can switch AC and DC. Transistors can only switch DC (But we're only going to use DC current in my video) Relays can switch high voltages, transistors can not. (Again, the highest DC voltage we will switch is 24 volts DC) Relays can switch large currents (And for safety, our current loads will be very, very small) Reed relays are the fastest relays because the coil surrounds the 'reed' portion

We Start EASY with Schematic 1... You can do it..

Even though we start a bit slow so that no one is left behind, we get an awful lot done right away. Schematic 1 can be used to manually control a pneumatic valve, getting you off the ground quickly! You can easily build this circuit and put it to use right away!
I've included all the parts lists with each schematic as well as part numbers and where to order them! This will save you lot's of time!

NOW LET's take a quick look at MANUAL CONTROL--->>

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