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Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 2

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Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Pneumatics and Control Systems




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Let's take a look at Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Running Time 1 hour and 42 minutes

Are you ready to take your Halloween Animatronics to the next level? Well, this DVD is your 'E' Ticket Ride to adding some Real Action to your Halloween Animatronics setup! Were talking about Props Popping up, Things banging around, Violent movements! In short, some seriously scary stuff and you can get it NOW! Now, even if you have some reservations about adding a few more control circuits to your setup and taking the next step, give it a look! This is definately the BEST informational DVD on Halloween Animatronics or Halloween Pneumatics out there right now! Everyone wants the best Halloween Setup they can get, and this DVD will can help each and every one of you to really pull out all the stops and blow them away with AWESOME MOTION and SOUND !
So let's get started !

Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Overview and some BASICS Before we get to the really cool stuff, we gotta get through the basics. I'm talking about Basic Pneumatics, Relays and Triggers. Times are tight, that's for sure but if you can build it yourself you can probably spend less and have more attention to detail and get exactly what you need out of your Halloween Animatronics setup. And because you can make the control circuit as well as the prop itself, it will make for a much more effective scare. And better scares make your Halloween setup, better. So here we go, there are several sections to this video and we start off with basic pneumatics

Basic Pneumatics We will primarily be using compressed air to move our props around in this DVD so this section will get you started with what you need to know and what you need to get to add pnematic actions to your Halloween Animatronics. Both in the Video and in the extended documentation that comes with the video, the information is what you need to know and where to purchase it!
Halloween Pneumatics
RELAYS Next we'll talk about relays and I'm going to show you what you need to know to activate the pneumatic valves that are going to move our props. This section will quickly demistify the subject and soon you will be using relays to assist controlling many devices. You will see what type of relay to get for the action you want to take. Yes, again we are starting slowly so that everyone can keep up but pretty soon the video goes into OVERDRIVE once the basics are explained! HALOWEEN RELAYS

SCHEMATIC ONE – MANUAL CONTROL After discussing how relays work we are going to build our first circuit. It’s going to be a very simple circuit just to get you off the ground and start off right. Were going to make a manually controlled relay circuit. Basically you will push a switch and cause a relay to activate a pneumatic valve or dc motor

And of course throughout the video I will be showing you different types of valves and how they operate, different types of pneumatics and how they work. These are real world examples and you see them and what they do up close, personal and in-action!
AUTOMATION You want your visitors to trigger your props - but not be able to re-trigger them right? Well THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR - A Mat switch that does not FALSE TRIGGER, A LIGHT TRIGGER that DISABLES it'self (temporarily) and KEEPS Your Visitors MOVING. These circuits are available NO WHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET ! Why? Because I designed them and they are NEW ! AUTOMATION
NEW TIMERS From the mat switch and event triggers, next we will move onto Event Timers. This is where it really get's interesting and a little bit more complicated. But even though it get's a bit more complicated, don't worry. I explain it all to you step by step. And going over the schematics in great detail so you will know exactly what's going on.The timer circuits are new, modified and really help you keep those people moving!
SCHEMATIC THREE – DISABLE DELAY Next I will show you how to construct a disable delay (or Re-Trigger delay) so that when someone triggers an event, they cannot re-trigger it right away. This is a very important concept for keeping your guests moving through your Halloween Animatronics setup. You will learn several setups and why they work. I designed these NEW PROP DELAY Circuits To SOLVE THIS TYPICAL PROBLEM ! Specifically designed for this 'Re-Triggering' problem

the PROP MOTION goes off as well as the AUDIO. You get Triggered motion and sound from this setup.
TRIGGERED MOTION AND SOUND Believe me, YOU WANT TRIIGGERABLE MOTION AND SOUND ! Also it would be nice to have TOTAL CONTROL over the trigger, control timer, pop up prop Motion and the Sound. And NOW YOU CAN ! The Best Props are the ones that Scare people with MOTION and SOUND at the same triggered time. We go over a few more schematics which not only add these important elements but have a 'litlle more scare factor' than a typical prop.
I WANT MORE Motion and Sound
MICRO CONTROLLERS You saw them control servos in Halloween Animatronics Volume 1,. NOW Let's take it up a notch and strat controlling the pneumatics with these powerful, easy to use and easy to buy devices. Imagine having the power to control up to eight big animatronic motions from one little chip. I show you step by step how to control the pneumatic valves that will put POWERFUL new motions to your Halloween setup. This is a 'can't miss' section. Even if you already have microcontrollers, You really need to see this! Plus, all the mechanisms are 'not dressed out' You get to see the pneumatics, the framework, everything ! and more!
THE TWO-ARMS prop. MECHANICAL MOTION via PNEUMATIC ACTION. Switching from circuitry and electronics to mechanical motion, we're now going to construct a prop that will use five pneumatic cylinders and valves. Several years ago I designed a pneumatic prop which I like to call "Two Arms" because that's all he had. There were Two arms, No legs and he was a pretty scary sight. I wanted to show you him, but I couldn’t find him in my pile of props so we will have to rebuild him. From Drawing Board to Full Frame,Silicon Skinned Animatronic!
Mechanical Framework
SILICON SKINNING And if that’s not enough for you, we will go over how to use 2 part silicon and adding silicon skins to your animatronics for realism and overall effect. This stuff is the BEST. And if you want your Halloween Animatronics to STAND OUT from the crowd, There's no substitute for using SILICON SKIN on your Halloween Props. And with the POWER of Pneumatics, you can easily handle moving them around! SILICON SKINNING PAGE ONE
More SILICON SKINNING We go over using Alginate to make molds, mixing 2 part Silicon, Molding Faces, Arms, Using 2 part Plastic compounds for lightweight inner shells, Painting silicon and much more. Someone else would have made this a video onto itself but We include it as an extra part just because this stuff is so realistic and cool! SILICON SKINNING PAGE TWO

Animatronic Prop Action. We finally start wrapping up the video with Detailing the 2 arms prop for Action. Yes He lives up to the Hype and you see from initial design through completion!

Animatronic Prop Actions

Triggered Props. Fast, Violent movements from our new prop. Check out the video. If you want your Halloween Animatronics to have the Motion and Sound that actually puts the 'scare' into 'scarecrow'...
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