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Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 2

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Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Pneumatics and Control Systems




Halloween AnimatronicsFrom Halloween2go.com

From Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Running Time 1 hour and 42 minutes

MICRO CONTROLLERS Do you want some real Power? Do you want to build simple circuits and leave all the control to a simgle programmable microchip? So do I. That's why I use microcontrollers in my Halloween Animatronics and you should too! So Let's take a look at adding micro-controllers to your arsenal Giving you the power to control up to eight big animatronic motions from one little chip. I show you step by step how to control the pneumatic valves that will put POWERFUL new motions to your Halloween setup. This is a 'can't miss' section. Even if you already have microcontrollers, You really need to see this! Plus, all the mechanisms are 'not dressed out' You get to see the pneumatics, the framework, everything ! and more! SO LET"S 'UP THE DOSAGE' and start using microcontrollers!

Let's take a look at a super power circuit that incorporates a micro-controller to control up to EIGHT BIG ANIMATRONIC actions from one very small and very simple circuit.

In Halloween Animatronics Volume 1, I showed you how to control SERVOS with microcontrollers. NOW I am going to use the same microcontrollers for our Halloween Pneumatics!

Look at these Halloween Pneumatics. All dressed up with nothing to tell them when to move.. until we add a simple circuit and a PIC micro controller!
Of course I go over all you need to know to get up and running quickly. If you have not decided to make the move to microcontrollers yet, hopefully this will help you decide. AND order, because I give you the links, prices and exactly what you need to get to start rolling !
This is absolutely my favorite part of the video! We get to make a small control circuit and write up our own code to control the Halloweenn Pneumatics! It's Awesome, It's powerful! and it's complete, because I show you exactly what to do..
So three things to get started. A programmer, which is a piece of hardware which hooks to your computer. A compiler which is software. And a PIC microcontroller!
After adding a bit of simple code all five of these guys spring to life! Showing you some of the power you can tap just by adding a simple microcontroller to your Halloween Animatronics!
All the code is super simple, and explained fully in this video with SPLIT-SCREENS, Live action, variations and more! No confusion here YOU ARE ALL SET !
You see current flow, Live action and full explanation. Oh yeah! You get it all! This is taking the next step. It's a big section and you get everything your need! So order today.. or when you're done reading the web page.. But seriously, these are the best Halloween Animatronics Tutorials out there!

Now that were really getting into it, LETS ADD some Realism to your Halloween Animatronics by using 2 part silicon -



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