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Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 2

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Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Pneumatics and Control Systems




Halloween PneumaticsFrom Halloween2go.com

From Halloween Animatronics Volume 2
Running Time 1 hour and 42 minutes

SCHEMATIC ONE MANUAL CONTROL After discussing how relays work we are going to build our first circuit. Its going to be a very simple circuit just to get you off the ground and start off right. Were going to make a manually controlled relay circuit. Basically you will push a switch and cause a relay to activate a pneumatic valve or dc motor

Manual valve control Ok, this is as EASY as I can make it, and still make something happen! You can easily find an application for this circuit. It's manually controlled so yes, you need to push a button to make the POP up Prop activate, but that really gives you the ultimate control.

We just need to start slow so that no one get's left behind. As you can see, the 'schematic' or drawing is easy to understand and EASY to put together.

This circuit controls a pneumatic valve or DC motor. The pneumatic valve allows pressurized air to create motion and raise our prop

Making animatronic control circuits is fun, but it can be complicated, so I always use a test board like this to build the circuits and test them before actually soldering them together on the project board. You will need one of these. I bought this one on line for about ten dollars.
So once we make the circuit up on the breadboard, we test the relay with a light to see if it works correctly... It does, so now we can solder up this simple circuit and use it for whatever we want! See? I said it would be easy!
Well, this is fully explained on the DVD and you get the schematic drawing that you can print out! The parts are easy to get, the circuit is easy to build and if you can make this circuit, you can add pneumatics or dc motors to your Halloween Setup!...

Now, let's Leap forward and see some

Pneumatic TIMERS! --->

Each Schematic (circuit drawing) comes complete with a full parts list including where to order the parts and the part numbers to order - You can order them online and I give you the links too!  


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