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How to Build Your OWN Halloween Animatronics

from Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 1 - Mechanical Motions

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Halloween Animatronics

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Halloween Animatronics

Let's Take a look at Mechanical Motions
selected information from Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 Mechanical Motions.

For electrical animation I generally use these windshield wiper motors. 12 Volt, but I vary the voltage depending upon the application. You can purchase them for a little over 10 bucks from http://www.monsterguts.com I have about 20 of these running in my Haunt during the season and have not had anything go wrong with them. So since this a ROTATIONAL motion. Let's investigate a few motions that can be obtained using metal bar stock.

Remember, Just because I have the drawing going side to side or up and down, doesn't mean that's all it can do. Flip the drawing around and see if you can make it do what YOU need it to do.

Cam Operated animatronic projects can be tricky. Mechanically, the cam may be too radical a design for proper motion. Even though these motors are strong (strongest running HI speed 12V), they can be brought to their knees if the cam design to to radical or the armatures push too hard.

So when planning a CAM design, Try and make it simple. Remember, your using the cam for repeating, but unusual movement. Use it sparingly, Switch the motor on and off unpredictably with a Relay.

I made the CAM out of flat aluminum stock, and bent it in a random shape. I also offset the center. THe spring keeps the follower pressed tight to the CAM as it rotates. WHile it may not seem like much, It's probably just fine. I dont want the arm moving continuously, So I will turn the motor on and off with a rely connected to the output of a PIC
Another Detail of the cam. See that Head in the background? Yep, that's going to go on top of this apparatus. Make a note that while you don't always have to use aluminum or steel for strenght, You can' beat those materials for reliability in your Halloween Animatronics. When I started out, I used a lot of wood and PVC. But then when they started breaking, I figured that If the PROs used metal, so would I. I've been happy with that decision ever since, so if you're just starting out, Use metal. save yourself the hassle!
Here is the basic torso of the prop. You may have seen it here. I am using the Cam Mechanism pictured above in this instance. This GYPSY was part of the 2007 show.
As part of the video I show a few Pneumatic demonstrations, mostly to peak intrest in Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 2 - Pneumatics, and Halloween Animatronics, VOLUME 3 scare concepts and designs. Once you understand that all the circuits and components are 'TOOLS' to help you with the tasks before you, you can really AMP UP your animatronics with pneumatics!

So that's pretty much it for Halloween Animatronic VOLUME 1 ZERO to Halloween HERO. If you're not convinced yet, You don't know what you're missing. This is a fantastic creative endevour for everyone who indulges in it. You're Haunt, either home or professional only gets a few days or weeks a year to produce. Make it count. Show your creativity, You only get one go around, make it the best you can.


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Here alone you will find a complete guide to making your own Halloween Animatronics. Since building animatronics requires you to be familiar with several technical areas, we are proud to introduce a NEW series specifically focused on Halloween Animatronics.
This 3 part technical series of DVD video's, downloadable videos and downloadable PDF documentations will allow you to begin with absoluetly no electronic knowledge and progress, step by step to creating your OWN working Halloween animatronics! And we're not talking about the cheap junk you find at the superstores, You will be creating Hollywood style animatronics... The type that will, without question, blow away your entire neighborhood!

3 Awesome DVD volumes
Volume 1 - beginning to intermediate knowledge levels
Volume 2 - Advanced animatronics (pneumatics/design and control)
Volume 3 - Halloween Scare Concepts and Designs

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We have brought all these resources together for the expressed purpose of teaching you step-by-step, not only the mechanics of Halloween Animatronics, but the actual design and construction of the electronic control circuits that make it all happen!

Copyright 2008, Dave Corr

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