Halloween Animatronics,Animatronics for Beginners to advanced electronics automation and pneumatic controls


How to Build Your OWN Halloween Animatronics

from Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 1 - Animatronic Face Design

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Halloween Animatronics

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Halloween Animatronics

Let's Take a look at Animatronic Face Design
selected information from Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 Animatronic Face.

Section Seven: the animatronic Face . Ok, an animatronic neck looks like a stump unless it has a head attached. Hmm, maybe an animatronic stump would be cool… 3 Degrees of freedom .. Headless …Hmmm… Anyway, In this section you will see how to build the moving jaw, eyes that look left and right and eyelids that blink. Once you understand how to manipulate these areas, The sky is the limit. Think about moving eyebrows, ears, whatever floats your boat. Then Attach the Face to the neck and you have a very good start to
Since the eye mechanism is the most complicated part of the face, we cover that first. From selecting your materials to building the eye mechanism, we've got you covered. These mechanims are AWESOME and your animatronics will take a giant leap forward once your props are looking around and blinking!
This section is highly detailed and you will come away with the most efficient way to build it. Now these eyes are going to have 2 degrees of freedom, LEFT to RIGHT movement as well as BLINKING.
Yep there's a lot of pieces to make, but you will not be disappointed and you will be able to build your own eye mechanics for your Halloween animatronics. We show you how to do everything, nothing held back!
If you're interested in making your own parts out of styrene plastic. We've got you covered by showing you how to do it, what to build and how simple it can be. IN FACT I use the parts we make right then and there so YES ! You see it all! These babys are hot off the presses (er.. vacuum forming table) and ready to become EYELIDS for one of the animatronic faces.
Here I'm testing the eyes LEFT TO RIGHT as well as the eyelid motion. Once the testing is done, and center postion is found
(you want your prop to look straight ahead don't you?) Well maybe you don't. That would be interesting. Anyway, once thats done we'll finish the eyes and move on.
Once the mechansims are in place and working good. I show the servo positioning for all the motions we're going to create. Once again, the procedure is easy to modify for your own ideas.
All of my animatronic designs use the same basic (read that - TIME TESTED) mechanics. And you will learn all of them from Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 1.
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NEXT the PICBASC folder containing serveral useful PICBASIC programming code which you can use right away to begin programming your animatronics should you decide to really Jump start your animatronics!

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Here alone you will find a complete guide to making your own Halloween Animatronics. Since building animatronics requires you to be familiar with several technical areas, we are proud to introduce a NEW series specifically focused on Halloween Animatronics.
This 3 part technical series of DVD video's, downloadable videos and downloadable PDF documentations will allow you to begin with absoluetly no electronic knowledge and progress, step by step to creating your OWN working Halloween animatronics! And we're not talking about the cheap junk you find at the superstores, You will be creating Hollywood style animatronics... The type that will, without question, blow away your entire neighborhood!

3 Awesome DVD volumes
Volume 1 - beginning to intermediate knowledge levels
Volume 2 - Advanced animatronics (pneumatics/design and control)
Volume 3 - Halloween Scare Concepts and Designs

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We have brought all these resources together for the expressed purpose of teaching you step-by-step, not only the mechanics of Halloween Animatronics, but the actual design and construction of the electronic control circuits that make it all happen!

Copyright 2008, Dave Corr

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