Halloween Animatronics,Animatronics for Beginners to advanced electronics automation and pneumatic controls


How to Build Your OWN Halloween Animatronics

Halloween Animatronics VOLUME 1

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Halloween Animatronics

Halloween Pneumatics

Halloween Scare Concepts and Designs



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OMG!! This is a Haunters Dream!! Instructions are clear. Thank you so Much!!
PattF, Gilbert Az
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Halloween Animatronics

Let's take a look at Halloween Animatronics Volume 1
running time 1 hour 38 minutes.

This DVD video and indeed this website is designed to help the average Halloween Haunter, who may not know how to make anything themselves and transform them from zero to Halloween Hero. And if you are already an accomplished Haunter, We can help with advanced Animatronics, which will allow you to easily understand and make super realistic Halloween Animatronic Props with the look and feel of a Hollywood Movie in your front yard. So Let's get started.
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Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part1 Short Movie featuring Actual Halloween Animatronics and Video Overview with producer Dave Corr
Movie Snippet (windows media)

Part One additional information link

Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part 2 Event Triggers - We get started with some easy stuff here, the Mat Switch and then move to building a Laser photocell Trigger

Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part 3 Event Timers - Whatever event or 'scare' you decide to make will need a timer. In This detailed section, we introduce the 555 IC timer and really show you how to use it
Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part 4 Servo Control - Animatronics have moving parts and understanding and building your own servo controllers will help automate and bring your creations to life
Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part 5 Micro-Controllers and Computer Control - In this special section We go over How to use, build and program the PIC 16F84 Micro Controller for a wide array of tasks. We also look at using the Mini SSC2 servo controller and software to precisely time your animations
Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part 6 Animatronic Neck - Now we move from the electrical to the mechanical with the construction of the animatronic neck design. Your Halloween Animatronics will take a giant leap forward by using this sturdy, easy to build, 3 - motion range, aluminim animatronic neck.

Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part 7 Animatronic Face - Once you know how to build a reliable animatronic neck, we move on to the Head. Fully featured, you will learn Eye animation, with left right movement as well as eyelid animation - open and shut as well as Jaw movement and more.

Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part 8 Animatronic Hands - In this special section you will learn not only how to construct animatonic hands for your projects, but also how to control them with micro servos. In the downloadable files section, We go over other animatronic options such as cabling and air muscles.
Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part 9 Mechanical Motions - Detailed here are several animatronic motions from CAM motions to receiprocating motions and scissor lifts.

Halloween Animatronics Volume 1 part 10 Downloadable Schematics and supplemental Information. By purchasing this Video, or Video Download MPEG file, you also get special access to download all the project data and schematics for this video in PDF format. You wil be able to follow along with the video with your personally printed supplement. Also, this information is updated annually and your access is always welcome.

Here alone you will find a complete guide to making your own Halloween Animatronics. Since building animatronics requires you to be familiar with several technical areas, we are proud to introduce a NEW series specifically focused on Halloween Animatronics.
This 3 part technical series of DVD video's, downloadable videos and downloadable PDF documentations will allow you to begin with absoluetly no electronic knowledge and progress, step by step to creating your OWN working Halloween animatronics! And we're not talking about the cheap junk you find at the superstores, You will be creating Hollywood style animatronics... The type that will, without question, blow away your entire neighborhood!

3 Awesome DVD volumes
Volume 1 - beginning to intermediate knowledge levels
Volume 2 - Advanced animatronics (pneumatics/design and control)
Volume 3 - Halloween Scare Concepts and Designs

Click around the site and Start the Halloween Animatronics learning curve RIGHT NOW!


We have brought all these resources together for the expressed purpose of teaching you step-by-step, not only the mechanics of Halloween Animatronics, but the actual design and construction of the electronic control circuits that make it all happen!

AWESOME Video my friend,
I can't wait to get my compiler and start using
the PIC micro controller! I have always thought
about it but was confused as to how to actually use these.
Your video ROCKS! It really does show everything!
I seriously reccommend it to all you Haunters out there! !
David D, Atlanta, GA

Copyright 2008, Dave Corr

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Dave, I just received my DVD and all I can say is WOW! I've always wanted to do animatronics,but have been intimidated by the process, You have made this not only Do-able, but have provided movements and features that I never thought could be done by an amateur! Next Halloween is going to be the most fun EVER!
Chris K, Shorewood, IL